Core activity of CMC is research into a common hardware and software specification. 

In addition to that, communication activities are essential for CMC: making stakeholders aware of the intricacies of integrating motorcycles into C-ITS.

Research activities

Setting standards for unification & interoperability

  • Review of existing (car) standards for C-ITS motorcycle use-cases and HMI
  • Summarise motorcycle requirements
  • Address proposals for motorcycle advance indication and warning to the car industry
  • Harmonise use case-definitions for motorcycle application

CMC test- Bikes equipped with communication technology

Feasibility testing & prototyping

  • Unified layout and architecture
  • Establishment of a common platform
  • Evaluation/verification of requirements
  • Proof of concept

CMC covers motorcycle issues at shows and conferences with own stand

Communication activities

  • Bringing stakeholders together
  • Communicating & discussing directly with industry, legislators, politics, associations, riders…
  • Cooperating with automotive industry and standardization bodies