CMC initiates special session on motorcycles

03.10.2017 |

For the first time, a dedicated session on motorcycles has been organized based on a CMC initiative at the next edition of the ITS World Congress in Montreal. The European Association of Motorcycle Manufacturers will support a roundtable titled ‘Motorcycle talk ITS’. The discussions will be moderated by the ACEM Secretary General Antonio Perlot and will take place on 1 November at the Palais des Congrès Convention Center, Montreal, Canada.

Motorcycle industry experts, including representatives of CMC, European, Asian and American policy-makers and other stakeholders will discuss key issues as: the potential of C-ITS to significantly improve motorcycle safety, the risk of transferring ADAS from cars to motorcycles without dedicated engineering solutions, the need for interoperable C-ITS applications, as well as the impact of automated cars on motorcycle safety.

CMC will have a booth in the exhibition hall and contribute furthermore with technical presentation to a special interest session on motorcycles preceding the round table talks