Safety by connectivity

Motorcycle safety relies on being seen

Motorcycles are often overlooked in traffic. Accident analysis shows that in more than half of cases, collisions with motorcycles are caused by the other vehicle driver. And not seeing the motorcycling coming, or misjudging distance and speed, are primary causes. “I never saw the bike” is a typical explanation of the driver.

By making motorcycles part of Vehicle-to-Vehicle communication systems, advance information or warnings could be given in case of critical situations. 

Connectivity has great potential

Wireless communication between vehicles (and infrastructure) will help to detect dangerous situations earlier than the human eye can see. This Cooperative Intelligent Transport System (C-ITS) has been initiated by car makers to improve driving safety. A promising technology to make sure, that other vehicle drivers will be aware of motorcycles in their vicinity: for example, by a Motorcycle Approach Warning. Furthermore, C-ITS could enable information to the motorcycle rider about hazardous situations on the road ahead e.g. road works or broken-down vehicles.

However: motorcycles are different

Since motorcycles have different design and vehicle dynamics compared to cars, it is not possible to simply copy car systems and install them on motorcycles. Motorcycles, unlike cars depend largely on active safety features; they have no crumble zones or brake assist facilities. And not having a protective body means the technological layout has to be completely different. In the end, many motorcycle-specific issues are to be resolved: items like localisation accuracy, triggering algorithms, communicated data, rider interface, antenna/transmission performance, etc.

CMC will work on basic specifications for a motorcycle ITS system. Evaluation, verification and possibly standardization of these requirements will be part of the focus of the consortium.

CMC is not aiming at a particular communication technology, since CMC consider these basic requirements being technology open.

Motorcycle send information to car
Motorcycle send information to car