Connected Motorcycle Consortium

The Connected Motorcycle Consortium (CMC) is a non-profit organisation established by key OEM’s with the unilateral goal to promote and develop Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS) to benefit all stakeholders and enhance rider safety.  

Future mobility will be defined by C-ITS. It is important that the Powered Two-Wheeler (PTW) OEM’s embrace connectivity technology and work towards the development of systems specific to PTW to enable motorcycles to be a part of the future ‘traffic society’.

The CMC is unified in its approach to develop C-ITS for the motorcycle community and is able to draw on the expertise offered by various OEM’s from around the world.

CMC is targeting a basic specification for a motorcycle dedicated ITS system. CMC is not aiming at a particular communication technology, since CMC consider these basic requirements being technology open.

OEM’s have the opportunity to explore different membership types offered by the CMC. Technical expertise is a key requirement and the cumulative results of the CMC will be published.

Mission and Objectives of CMC

The strategic objectives of the Connected Motorcycle Consortium are:

  • Integrating motorcycles as an accepted and recognized partner into global ITS development
  • Joining forces amongst the Consortium members to create an amalgamated approach on ITS for motorcycles
  • Achieving a successful implementation and deployment of motorcycle ITS functions


As by the agreement of the 29th September 2014 all manufacturing members of ACEM* have committed to introduce at least one of their PTW models equipped with C-ITS functionality by the year 2020. The members of the CMC are paving the way to achieve this shared goal of the European PTW industry.

* Association des Constructeurs Européens de Motocycles (

Further information:

Work focus of CMC and projected outcome

General framework and boundaries of the CMC