About CMC

The Connected Motorcycle Consortium (CMC) is a collaboration between manufacturers, suppliers, researchers and associations to make motorcycles part of the future connected mobility. 

CMC is a non-profit organisation established by key motorcycle makers with the unilateral goal to promote and develop Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems on a global scale. 

Mission and Objectives 

CMC targets to improve motorcycle rider safety and comfort.

Connected mobility / Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communications / Cooperative Integrated Transportation Systems (C-ITS) are being developed, but motorcycle-specific safety aspects haven’t been taken into consideration sufficiently so far. CMC goal is to develop a common basic specification for motorcycle ITS, with as many cross-manufacturer standards as possible.


CMC welcomes all motorcycle manufacturers, suppliers, institutions and corporations that want to take a leading role in promoting, researching and developing C-ITS for motorcycles. CMC seeks a dialog with all involved stakeholders.



Industry commitment

As by the agreement of the 29th September 2014 all manufacturing members of ACEM* have committed to introduce at least one of their PTW models equipped with C-ITS functionality by the year 2020. The members of the CMC are paving the way to achieve this shared goal of the European PTW industry.

* Association des Constructeurs Européens de Motocycles (www.acem.eu)